Sunday, February 18, 2018

Puerto Rico Pt. 2

January 1, 2018

I woke up before everyone on New Year's Day, and I had intentions of taking photos, but I realized my shutter was really loud and didn't want to wake other people up. I sat on the porch for about an hour and a half - no phone, no connection to the outside world - and it was actually really nice to be disconnected for once. I'm constantly on my phone, and I hate it, but it's really hard to put it away. When everyone woke up we had breakfast of french toast and eggs, cleaned the house, and packed to leave. While I was waiting I went out and took photos of the property and the surrounding area because it was so beautiful and I wanted to remember it.
We realized the vans tire was flat, and Julio wasn't able to fix it, so we drove a little bit down the road to a guy who was a mechanic. He was able to blow up the tire and Julio fixed the rest. While we were waiting we decided to take pictures and pretend we were helping. Since we were up in the mountains there were amazing views all around us of the mountains and the lakes below us. I was amazed how many houses were built into the sides. I would have been terrified to live in a house hanging off the side of the mountain.
After Julio fixed the tire, we stopped and took pictures of the dam. I was surprised we could take pictures there because in Russia, and I believe in the USA, it's completely forbidden. We then drove to another part of the island, Penuelas, to see the band Rumba Caliente play. The band was really fun to watch, and if you ever get a chance you should see them (they play in the continental USA too!). After the concert we drove to Puerto Real to stay at the Fajardo Inn. One good thing about Puerto Rico being so small is that you can cover more ground than you could most other places.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this, Jasilyn. :) So cool that you got to spend your NYE there! Do you think you'd like to return in the future?

    1. I'd definitely return to visit! I couldn't live there, but I'd definitely visit!


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