Monday, March 27, 2017

End of March Snow

This weekend I was supposed to go camping. Thankfully, it was cancelled because of the weather. I think I would have died sleeping outside in 30 degree weather. Since I thought I was camping I had lesson planned my next two weeks at work ahead of time which meant that I didn't have any planning to do this weekend. My week was also really busy too. Then, the trip was cancelled, so I planned even more work for the weekend thinking I had a lot of free time. What I'm trying to say is I don't really have a post today because I worked all weekend (even on Sunday).

Last week was in the upper 30s, and the sun was shining all day, which meant the snow was melting. I was overjoyed because I'm so over the snow. I also just ripped my boots and had to throw them away so I don't have anything to keep my feet dry and warm. Then, on Saturday, it started to snow again. It was a really depressing moment to walk outside and see 2 inches of snow on the ground. My feet were getting wet because my other boots aren't waterproof and I'm scared to wear my rain shoes outside since they have heels and I'm not used to walking on uneven surfaces. I'm extremely clumsy. I just want to be able to walk on ice-free streets!

I've also been a little somber lately. I really like my apartment and where I live, and I get sad thinking that I'm going to be leaving in a few months. I still don't know where I'll be in July. I applied to several jobs in the USA and one in Russia. I also have opportunities to move to Moscow. I want to stay in Russia, but I also know that I have a ton of school loans to pay back and making under $400 a month isn't going to pay them. On the other hand, I am terrible at interviews, so I don't want to move back and have to work 3 part time jobs again. I really fear that will happen. But if I move back I will have more opportunity to travel because I'll make more and save more. I'm broke right now, which is why I haven't been traveling this year.

Do you have any ideas of free things to do in the city or places to take photos? I've been feeling uninspired lately.

Friday, March 24, 2017

3-Ingredient No-Bake Cookies

I know I mention this all the time but I have the hardest time cooking in Russia. I can never find the ingredients I need when I go to the store, and sometimes I just don't have the right equipment in my house. This is especially the case with desserts. No matter what I do my desserts never seem to turn out right. For the past few months I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas. I would come across no-bake cookies, but they always called for that one ingredient I could never find: peanut butter. In December I managed to find peanut butter but forgot about my desire to make those no-bake cookies. A few weeks ago I resumed my search for a recipe that I could follow. All the no-bake recipes called for ingredients like cocoa powder. I felt defeated. Then, I found it. The three-ingredient no-bake cookie of my dreams. One that called for honey and not a stick of butter. There is no short supply of honey in Bashkortostan.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Meeting the Royal Family and Barron Trump

No matter what I did last week I was constantly tired. One night I got eight hours of sleep but could barely function the next day. You know when you get only 3 hours of sleep so get that weird feeling and it's hard to stay awake? That's how I felt, and I have no idea why. Friday night I only got four hours of sleep. I just couldn't sleep. I was exhausted, and even when I did fall asleep I still felt like part of me was awake. The strange thing was that when I finally woke up I wasn't tired, and while I write this at 8 pm I still don't feel tired. I woke up and was more productive than I've been in weeks. Maybe I just need less sleep? I did have a dream, though, that I met Barron Trump and was trying to convince him to say his name in a British accent to Prince Charles and Camilla. Dreams are so interesting.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Painted Garages

I haven't had much opportunity to go out and take pictures lately. Even when A and I go for a walk it's usually in the same places we've walked a million times before or I'm waiting for the snow to melt to take better pictures of the buildings around the city. As I was scrolling through my catalogue in Lightroom I couldn't believe I hadn't posted these pictures before. Maybe I just assumed I had because I have a similar picture to the one above on Instagram.

Monday, March 13, 2017

My Russian Language Progress

"How did you know that?" said A to me, shocked.

We were in line at the check out, and one woman asked if I had a card for the store. I said, "Yes," and handed her my card. A couldn't believe it. Just moments before the cashier asked if I had the same card and A answered for me, "No," until I told him, "Yes, I do have it." He couldn't believe that I understood the question. Truth is, I still can't hold a conversation in Russian. I can barely form a sentence, but after living here for a year and a half you learn things about language acquisition that you wouldn't think possible. Here are a few things I learned about language learning and the Russian language in general.

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